Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

Man, I don’t know about y’all, but I feel a little conflicted about some of the questions that’ll be on my ballot this November. First of all, I’m all for complete and total legalization of marijuana. This is something that should’ve been done in Nevada a long time ago. I’ll end up voting in favor of Nevada’s Question 2 and the proposed amendment to the Nevada Revised Statutes that would legalize marijuana for users over the age of 21, but I do have some strong reservations about some of the fine print. The regulations it would create would tend to favor a small number of operators and make it hard for anyone else to get into the business—at least initially.

Additionally, the amendment would “not prevent employers from enforcing marijuana bans for their workers,” according to the explanation attached to the question on Washoe County’s website. This is also a problem. I’ve already heard reports of local employers who refuse to hire medical marijuana users, which is total discrimination—refusing to hire people based on their medical needs.

I’m also conflicted about Washoe County Question 1, which would impose an additional sales tax in order to raise money to help the county’s overpopulated schools. Now, I know the schools need help, and if there’s one thing I believe in even more than I believe in wanton use of recreational drugs, it’s quality public education, but sales taxes are just so regressive. They hurt working families the most.

Wouldn’t it be better to create a state income tax aimed squarely at Sheldon Adelson, Nevada’s richest resident? Or, even better, make local churches have to pay their fair share?

But, yeah, good luck getting something like that to pass. In the end, I’ll probably vote for this measure, too, if for no other reason than just to counteract those Grover Norquist wannabe chumps who knee-jerk reject any and every tax.