Rated 1.0

During the same summer we get one of the best horror films of recent years (The Descent), we also get one of the worst. Some sort of gigabyte ghosts are traveling via computer viruses, causing geeks to kill themselves or die grisly deaths. The epidemic eventually spreads throughout the world, bringing on a low-grade apocalypse. A couple of co-eds race against time to beat the demons and save the world (Using red duct tape to keep the monsters away!). If there was a good way to work with this premise, this film hasn’t found it. Shot in a lot of blues and grays, the film is dull to look at, and its cast (including Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame) looks lost. This remake of the popular Japanese horror film manages one or two decent jolts but little else. It makes me long for the Saw films which, I should remind you, I hated with a passion.