Pro and con

Reports from the Clean Energy Project and the Nevada Policy Research Institute reached conflicting conclusions in similar reports.

The NPRI is a conservative group which produced its own report. It called the state's Renewable Energy Standard—which requires utilities to move steadily toward greater use of renewable sources for electric generation—a “scheme” that is “unlikley to deliver significant progress” in energy diversification but will drive rates higher and businesses out of state. The report was written by David Tuerck, Paul Bachman and Michael Head.

CEP commissioned its report from Applied Analysis, a Las Vegas business research firm also used by the Nevada Mining Association. Its report conceded higher rates—at least for a time—but also said the energy standard will lead to “higher rates of employment, wage and salary payments and economic output.” The report was written by Jeremy Aguero of Applied Analysis.

For decades, higher initial rates during transitions to renewables have been assumed, but energy analyst Arne Jungjohann has written, “The rates are ‘degressive,' meaning they decline over time to drive down future prices.”