Primetime Glick with Martin Short

Comedy Central

If you’ve forgotten that Martin Short is a comic god in the wake of crap like Captain Ron, you must check out Primetime Glick. After failing with his own talk show last year, Short is exorcising some demons as Jiminy Glick, a very large man (courtesy of some grotesque makeup) who pummels celebrity guests like Dennis Miller and Bill Maher with useless questions like, “Why can’t you use adult diapers for Big Stinky?” (This was a question posed to Steve Martin, who couldn’t keep a straight face.) It’s fun watching stars like Nathan Lane, as Glick boasts to him that his four boys’ names are Mason, Morgan, Matthew and Modine. This is as close to SCTV as we’re going to get (Andrea Martin and Joe Flaherty of SCTV have already appeared). Right now, this is the funniest show on television.