Pretty woman

Air Force Amy

This is a woman who needs little introduction. She gained a degree of notoriety on HBO’s hit show, Cathouse. She’s also won Best Legal Prostitute in our readers’ poll, The Biggest Little Best of Northern Nevada, for several years. Well, this year, she won Best Legal Prostitute again and took a new category, Best Looking Woman.

You won Best Looking Woman …

Isn’t that crazy? I look at 30 women who are better looking than me every day when I’m at work. I’m so sorry.

How did you go about getting people to enter your name in Best Looking Woman and Best Legal Prostitute?

Best Looking Woman was a big surprise to me. I didn’t advertise for people to vote for me in that at all. That was an absolute, complete and utter surprise. … But I do, every year, post for people to vote for me on my blog and on Myspace to vote for me and vote for BunnyRanch.

It’s as simple as that? You don’t have to send out a mass email or tattoo it on your chest or anything?

No. I write my best clients that I know really like me and ask them to vote for me. Then I post it on one of our message boards that I would actually give a free T-shirt to anyone who voted for me.

Oh my gosh, you have a lot of free T-shirts to give away. I don’t recall exactly how many votes were there, but it was a landslide. There were at least 250 votes for you.

And the voting process takes quite a few minutes out of someone’s day.

How long have you been, um, the Best Looking Woman in Northern Nevada?

I don’t really know! I guess only a week now! I look at the lineup that I’m in, and I don’t think by any means that I’m the best looking woman. Not even where I work, let alone Northern Nevada.

How long have you been a legal prostitute in Nevada?

I’m coming up on 19 years in January. My only form of income.

So that’s like a career for you. How old are you?

I’m mmph.

I don’t know how I’m going to transcribe that word.

A Hollywood 30-something.

So are you going to come to the party this year?

Absolutely. Last year’s party was so much fun. And I do recall getting the biggest response and cheers from the crowd when my name was called. That was sooo cool.

So, what else should we talk about while you have a shot at fame and fortune?

Be sure and come by the BunnyRanch and visit our souvenir shop and talk with the ladies. Especially if you’re local, just come in and see how everything works and chat and take a tour of the facilities and get to know us. We’re your neighbors, and we love you and thank you for voting for us and come on in for a free drink and a T-shirt.

Does the Best Looking Woman and the Best Legal Prostitute get to charge more?

No, despite fame and notoriety, my prices are very competititve because I’m older in age. I have to undercut the other ladies’ prices. I offer more for the money than anybody else does, and I feel I have to.