Presidential race is neck and neck

The end is within our sights. Election Day is coming at us quickly, and on Nov. 4, it will all be over and done with. So much is happening in such a short period of time, it makes for an interesting close to the election.

The 2008 race is a close call. Either candidate could win at this point. We will not know for sure until the votes are counted. There is much at stake for either side. This fight to the wire has brought out some interesting aspects of the campaigns of Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain.

As it gets closer to the end, Sen. Obama has shown his arrogance. Believing the election is in the bag, Sen. Obama has already begun to plan his victory party in Chicago. Looks to be quite the spectacle indeed, but there is one thing for which Obama hasn’t accounted: What if he loses? His arrogance has not allowed him to see this as a possibility, and he should be ashamed.

Sen. Obama and his team have failed to remember the famous quote by Yogi Berra, “It ain’t over til it’s over.” This arrogance is not a good trait for a president. Obama has shown how truly out-of-touch with the people he is. His extravagant spending for this party is outlandish and ridiculous. He is jumping the gun. If he should happen to win, why not start being a good president and giving that money back to his supporters somehow?

This shows an unseemly pride in himself but a lack of sympathy for the people of his country. This reminds me of stories about a party held in Iran in October 1971 by the Shah of Iran. It was an extravagant party, held while the majority of the country was suffering. Alcohol filled everyone’s cups, even though most of the people of Iran did not believe in consuming alcohol. Obama has the right to celebrate if he wins the election on Nov. 4. But for now, he is getting ahead of himself. He should focus on the people until the votes are counted.

Unlike Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain has continued to focus on the voters. Party planning is not timely, and the race is not over. As the election comes closer, polls are tightening up. With Joe the Plumber in place on the McCain campaign, there is gaining support from the working class on the Republican ticket. People see Joe the Plumber and identify with him. McCain has finally succeeded in giving a face to his ideas.

It is clear at a glance who is still working and who has kicked his feet up. Arrogance has no place in the White House. Obama’s lack of experience but overweening arrogance make clear he’s not ready to lead this country. Not even his own running mate has faith in him, saying that we will face an international crisis if Obama becomes the next president. If Joe Biden has such little faith in him, it is a wonder how half the country can pin their hopes on Sen. Obama.

A tight race to the finish, and true character is coming out in the open. This is the last chance for people to decide what each candidate truly stands for, and I just hope the people of America put this country first in their thoughts on Election Day.