Prediction in, prediction out

Well, back in March I made the bold prediction that Trump was gonna drop out of the race by Memorial Day. OK, so that didn’t happen. My impeccable and unimpeachable sources appear to be totally peccable and peachable. Next time I need to make a bold prediction, I’m going old school—back to the Ouija board! (Does anybody under 50 know WTF a Ouija board is?)

But I do know this much. The reality of El Donaldo, presidential candidate, would not have been possible in 2000 or 2008. But now, in 2016, it’s happened, and this is because it’s taken Fux News 15-20 years to fully radicalize that segment of America that would rather not bother with any kind of critical thinking whatsoever. I think that’s exactly the right word for it, too. Radicalized.

It’s not just a word for moderate Muslims who get re-programmed and then become suicide bombers. It’s now applicable to Republicans who were halfway civilized in the ’90s and have now been pushed into some post-Tea Party Limbaugh Limbo, where it looks like a great idea to just throw all the bums out (and there is certainly no shortage of GOP bums) and oh-what-the-hell nominate a guy who would be fine as, say, the owner of the local Chevy dealership but to be POTFUS? Eeesh.

Electing a billionaire businessman like Trump to be Prez is like hiring the Wolfman to be in charge of your neighborhood day care center. It’s sorta difficult to see the upside.

Here’s what Hillary should do for the month of June. Not mention Trump’s name one time. Just blow him off. Ignore him. Spend the month talking about Democratic achievement in the last eight years and what Dems will do in the next four. Wouldn’t that just be incredibly wonderful, refreshing, positive and surprising? I won’t hold my breath.

Of course, I’m not forgetting Bernie. No way. After seeing that Bernie Baby is, according to latest polls, clearly the best candidate to stomp Trump, I can’t help but wonder if the muckety-mucks in Donkeytown are wondering if they’re on the verge of making a very large boo-boo. I mean, here’s Bernie, all set to win a little meaningless state like Cali-fucking-fornia by about 10 points, and the latest surveys show he can thump Trump pretty darn easily, like by about eight to 12 points, while the same polls also show Trump actually beating Hillary, and what the hell is going on here?

I feel another bold prediction coming on. It’s taking shape. Ouija window is sliding … faster now … yes … yes … I see Hillary at the Dem Convention, declaring that, as a patriot who loves her country, she is pulling out of the race because Bernie, not her, is the obviously the best choice to kick Trump’s ass and … oh, to hell with it, and never mind!