Rated 2.0

Director Nimrd Antal tries hard, but his effort to provide the Predator franchise with a much-needed adrenaline shot proves futile. While worlds better than Predator 2 and the excruciatingly bad Alien vs. Predator movies, the latest sequel is too much talk and not enough carnage. Produced by Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and based in part on a script he wrote years ago, it features a scenario that harkens back to the 1987 Schwarzenegger original. A band of supreme badasses is dropped into a foreboding jungle—or, as I like to call it, “Da Meat Grinder!” in reference to one of my favorite Arnie lines from the original—and something is watching them. The Predators look great, but they spend precious little time on screen. Too much of this movie includes characters, including Adrien Brody in the lead, standing around talking about their predicament rather than battling monsters. It’s surprisingly boring.