Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

Rated 4.0

Gabourey Sidibe is as heartbreaking as can be as Precious, an overweight, abused girl living in Harlem with her terrifying mother (Mo’Nique playing, perhaps, the most miserable movie character of this past year). Precious has one child and another one on the way after being raped by her father, and her home life is a living hell. She is enrolled in an alternative school where a caring teacher (Paula Patton) helps Precious to put things in perspective and get her life on track. A nearly unrecognizable Mariah Carey plays a welfare worker, and she uses her screen time well. Sidibe gives what can only be described as a very brave performance as the title character. It’s a very natural and sometimes even funny piece of work. But Mo’Nique, playing evil incarnate, is the major reason to see this film. Expect her to get an Oscar nomination for this one.