Power of the press

Three student-run newspapers will give the lowdown on the news, opinion and activities on campus

Lindsay Borghello, senior, checks out some of the free local media.

Lindsay Borghello, senior, checks out some of the free local media.

Photo by David Robert

When you begin college, a few things might surprise you. One, the New York Times is free on campus, and two, so are three other student-run publications. There are also other non-student-run publications on campus, including the satiric Chimpanzee and the august alt-weekly you hold in your hands.

The Nevada Sagebrush, the Nevada Blue and the Pack Patriot serve the University of Nevada, Reno students by covering news and opinions relating to student issues. The Nevada Sagebrush is the go-to source for all campus news. The Nevada Blue, UNR’s progressive paper, is an outlet for the leftie population on campus. Conservatives can turn to the Pack Patriot for a right-wing perspective.

The Nevada Sagebrush

Published weekly, the Nevada Sagebrush has served UNR students since 1893 by covering news ranging from the NCAA tournaments and upcoming shows to student government and elections.

The Nevada Sagebrush serves as the “watchdog of the university and the campus,” said Annie Flanzraich, editor in chief.

This is Flanzraich’s second year as editor in chief at the Nevada Sagebrush. When she first began, her switch from fashion columnist to news writer gave then-editor Alex Newman second thoughts. She overcame the switch, and her diverse background has broadened the student-funded paper’s reportage of university happenings.

“It’s great that we have a diversity of voices, and I think that’s really important for any college or university to have,” Flanzraich said.

The Nevada Blue

The Nevada Blue, started by 31-year-old Brian Hutchinson, is the paper for progressive-minded readers.

Hutchinson began work on the paper in 2004 after the presidential election. In April 2005, the Nevada Blue printed its first issue. It publishes once a month, excluding summer, Hutchinson said.

“We’re not trying to be the Sagebrush or the typical newspaper kind of deal,” he said.

The paper circulates 3,000 issues a month, reaching the entire campus and the downtown area.

Hutchinson said the upcoming election will keep Nevada Blue staffers busy informing students about Democratic candidates.

The Pack Patriot

The Pack Patriot is UNR’s conservative paper. It publishes monthly and contains opinion articles on conservative issues and responses to the Democratic Party.

“The paper is doing really well,” said Greg Green, Pack Patriot publisher. “It has a great deal of influence on campus and throughout the community. I think we provide opinion and news that other publications don’t. It’s gained a niche in student life.”

Matt Beisner is the paper’s editor in chief, although Green and the other publishers regularly oversee the paper.

With a circulation of 2,500 to 3,000 papers a month, Green and the rest of the Pack Patriot take part in every aspect of the paper from production to distribution.

“It makes the paper stronger because of the bond that we make because we’re willing to do a lot more for each other and help each other out,” said Green.

To really know what’s going on, why not work for a paper yourself? You don’t need a background in journalism, writing or even design. Hutchinson said that there’s not a single journalism major working for the Nevada Blue. The Sagebrush is looking for all types of students to fill empty positions. Again, no experience is required and positions include reporters, designers, copy editors and cartoonists. Green started the Pack Patriot with no journalism experience.

To begin writing at any of the papers e-mail the editors:

Hutchinson asks for two writing samples not written for a professor for The Nevada Blue: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script>

Apply on the Web site for the Nevada Sagebrush: www.nevadasagebrush.com

Simply submit your interest to the Pack Patriot: <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> </script>