Potato notes

In the early '90s, Bruce Springsteen had a popular song, “57 Channels.” Well, that ain't how it is no mo'. There's about 964 channels, and there's a lot of good stuff on there.

If you like comedies, there are a couple that are now on the Neon Babylon DVR list. I'm talking Amy and Louis, as in Schumer and C.K. Jesus, Amy is a star. Yes, she's bawdy, badass and bodacious. And funny as hell. If you haven't done so, check her out and see if she is your cup of tea. I find every one of her shows to have at least one great LOL moment. Louis is a force of his own and quite brilliant at times. Also funny, big time funny in his own special way. And it's amazing what his network, FX, is letting him get away with. In the opening show of the new season, some guy drops a full 10-letter C bomb. Impressive. I guess the fundamentalists have given up hassling the FCC. Thank God. They must be spending all their time these days complaining to school boards about evolution or some damned thing.

C.K.'s envelope-pushing reminded me of an episode at the LA airport last year. I was at a sports bar, waiting for a flight, and a basketball playoff game was on. The ref made a lame call, and the guy next to me, who'd been there a while and had a couple of snorts in him, semi-yelled, “That's a fuckin' bullshit call, ref!” The bartender, an older gal, at least 65, maybe 70, immediately snapped at him. “Hey, watch it, pal! There are ladies present!” Well, the guy looks at the two girls sitting nearby, two women in the 25-35 range, and both of them had a look that said, “Shit, we don't give a fuck.” And in that moment, a microcosmic metaphor for the way it used to be and the way it now is. For the record, I'm completely fine with this. Why the hell should us boys have all the fun dropping juicy expletives? The girls have jumped into the deep end of the cussin' pool, and it's a better place for it. Equality in salary—and profanity.

In other TV notes, not only am I catching Amy and Louis every week, I'm also completely sucked into the Wacky World of Westeros. GoT, baby! Yes, Game of Thrones is total soap opera trash, but dayam, it is trash on a grand and glorious and high budget level. I haven't had this good of a time watching awesome top quality TV trash since I got sucked into Walter White's Bad-ass mess in New Methico.

Speaking of Walter, I've now finally found the flick that's gonna get me into the new IMAX theaters there at Legend's Sparks. Of course, I'm talkin' about the greatest lizard of them all, The Big G. And here in this new remake, you've got Zilla taking on—Walter White! Mano a mano, fire breath versus Heisenberg! Epic showdown time? Or muy hyped sequel poop? I'm gonna find out at the IMAX, where they've got a wine bar and a draft beer selection that rivals the best pubs. Plus, they've got some nasty brats available, which is excellent. Just please, chew with your mouth closed. I mean, what are you, some kind of fuckin' vulgarian? Dayam.