Playing for peace

Exploring exotic cultures and making significant historical findings has been Gene Savoy’s life work. Dubbed the "Real Indiana Jones" by People magazine, the world traveler made his home in Reno in 1971 and set up the Andean Explorers Foundation and Ocean Sailing Club. The club is devoted not only to exploring lost cities of Andean cultures, but also to documenting the people’s music. The Foundation Orchestra will be performing these cultures’ diverse repertoire in honor of world peace on Oct. 15 at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino. The signature piece, composed by conductor Gary Buchanan, was selected for the concert three months prior to the set date. "One of the selections is entitled ‘In Praise of Human Spiritual Rights'," said LaCynda Gibson, development director. "We didn’t want it to sound like a memorial, because that’s too morbid. It’s just a tribute, and the timing was impeccable." Call 348-1818 for more information.