Plant matter

The state’s nursery, which mostly grows plants for land management agencies, is opening today, May 12, to the public. The Nevada Division of Forestry State Tree Nursery in Washoe Valley is designed to help landowners find plants suitable for things like windbreaks, erosion control, water conservation and preserving wildlife habitats in this region. All the plants—from chokecherry shrubs and blanket flower to Jeffrey pine and quaking aspen—are grown at the nursery and so have adapted to thrive through Nevada’s cold winters and hot summers.

Nursery hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Find a list of the species for sale at, then click the “plant list” link. Or call the nursery at 849-0213. It’s at 885 Eastlake Boulevard and will close to the public for the season Oct. 15.