Pig Penn?

“Look around and you will see, this world is full of creeps like me. You look surprised, you shouldn’t be. This world is full of creeps like me.” Lyle Lovett, from his song, “Creeps Like Me.”

Lyle was right on when he wrote that song, and unfortunately the number of creeps on the bell curve of humanity doesn’t appear to be shrinking. There are some creepy things from the now notorious Sandusky case worth mentioning, but don’t seem to be getting much play. (1) Sandusky had a wife all throughout the time he was taking young lads to Eagles games, bowl games and the showers. I’m guessing she has quite the interesting story to tell. (2) All the coaches and administrators at Penn State claim to have been completely taken by surprise by all this fiendishness. And yet, the Patriot-News of Harrisburg, the voice of central Pennsylvania, ran full stories about the grand jury investigation into the allegations against Sandusky in March of this year. So hold on a second.

This had to be one helluva hot potato when it hit the papers eight months ago. Just about everyone in the school, and I mean everyone, right down to the custodial staff, had to (a) have known of this story when it came out in the paper, and (b) had to have talked about it. Talked about it a LOT. If you work at PSU, how could you not read all this stuff about the legendary linebacker coach who just might now be a legendary perv? You know how people are. We all know how we are. We can’t resist gossip, especially gossip on a grand and incredibly incendiary scale. And this story about good ole coach Sandusky would have had everyone’s tongues wagging at warp speed.

So when is one coach on the Penn State football staff, or one administrator, or one professor, going to step up and say what we all know is the truth? When is one person, just one, going to grab a microphone and say, “Yeah, we knew about this stuff with Sandusky. It bothered the hell out of me, quite frankly.” I mean, what is up on that campus, anyway?

What’s getting weird is to think how big this cover-up just might be, and that it’s goin’ down in a place called Happy Valley, which sounds like something straight out of a Stephen King novel.

And what about the missing and now legally dead Ray Gricar, the district attorney who refused to prosecute Sandusky back in ’98? The D.A. who vanished on April 15, 2005, under very odd circumstances. Very odd. Check out his Wikipedia entry. Don’t be surprised if you hear the name of Ray Gricar again. Don’t be surprised if you don’t. Don’t be surprised at anything. It’s a creepy world out there. It doesn’t like to give up its secrets.