Pick a Bigger Weapon

The Coup is back in force. The latest gift from Boots Riley and DJ Pam the Funktress is delightfully vintage Coup with classic beats spliced with enough modern feel to allow us to appreciate the time that’s passed since the era of Genocide & Juice and Kill My Landlord. The message is still the same: “We, we are the ones, we’ll seal your fate, tear down your state, go get your guns.” However, this time there’s an occasional relaxed feeling that cuts the edge of the Coup just enough to make this album incredibly enticing, such as in “My Favorite Mutiny,” an epic blend of the Roots’ Black Thought, Boots and Talib Kweli. In this all-star gathering, Boots continues to shine. If you like hip hop, you’ll like this. Catch them in Reno on June 30 at the Club Underground.