Editor’s Choice

Judgment: Best move

The Judgment card is one symbolizing resurrection, or a hopeful return with a nod to the past. Several local businesses played this card this year when they decided to change locations. Süp, for one, moved from its boxed-in site next to a bar to a cute bungalow down the street. And the Great Basin Community Food Co-op is just a couple of months away from what we hope will be a good new location for them. But Sundance Books & Music’s move from the stripmall it’s called home for roughly 25 years to a beautiful historic building off California Avenue is reflective of its sound judgment and great selection, and makes book browsing a more enticing pursuit. 121 California Ave., 786-1188.

The Empress: Best resource for new moms

Mothers may relate to The Empress card. She represents the creation of life, of universal fecundity and feeding others. Helping breastfeeding local Empresses—and even non-breastfeeding ones—is “Nevada Breastfeeds” on Facebook. This awesome resource stems from Starfish Lactation, a nice service itself. But the Facebook site is an active forum where new parents will find out about the group’s free monthly playdate at a local kids gym, lots of breastfeeding news and advice, discounts at local children’s stores, and—perhaps most useful—it’s a welcome, supportive and sympathetic ear regarding concerns about babies’ sleeping, eating, medical issues and behavior quirks. The site administrator is very informative, but the feedback from local moms can be equally helpful.

Julio Martinez works on a sandwich at Delitowne USA. The sandwich place is open every day from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Photo by amy beck

Readers choice

Best volunteer

1. Evelyn Mount

2. Pete Parker

3. Meredith Tanzer

Best visual artist

1. Kendall Price

2. Ahren Hartel

3. Franz Szony

Best social networker

1. Chris Payne

2. Oliver Ex

3. Jackie Ruiz Shelton

Best real estate agent

1. Samantha Reveley

2. Claire Kirby

Best public figure to fantasize about: male

1. Brian Sandoval

2. Chris Payne

Best public figure to fantasize about: female

1. Kristen Remington

2. Jessica Sferrazza

3. Molly DeMers

3. Sarah Johns

Best principal

1. Robert Sullivan

Reno High School

2. Sally Scott

Hunsberger Elementary

2. Ken Cervantes

Billinghurst Middle School

2. Tom Brown

Galena High School

Best politician

1. Brian Sandoval

2. Harry Reid

3. Bob Cashell

Best police officer

1. Robert Russo

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office

2. Chuck Allen

Nevada Highway Patrol

2. Mike Haley

Washoe County sheriff

Best plastic surgeon

1. Charles Virden

2. Louis Bonaldi

3. Phillip Dahan

Best pet groomer

1. Kristi Joanis

Kristi’s Pet Grooming

2. Bri Mcdowell


3. Caroline Johnson

CJ’s Grooming

Best music teacher

1. Eric Stangeland

2. Dennis Fecko

3. Marilee Hunt-Mallett

Best minister/spiritual advisor

1. Neal Anderson

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

2. Father Tony Vercellone

Our Lady of the Snows

3. Harvey Turner

Living Stones

Best middle school teacher

1. Daryl Dunn

Cold Springs Middle School

2. Richard Brong

Kendyl DePoali Middle School

Best massage therapist

1. Kim Hull

Peak Performance

2. Tele Raack

Reno Massage Studio of Tele Raack

Best looking woman

1. Kristen Remington

2. Natalia Jean Montes

2. Air Force Amy

Best looking man

1. Frank Garrett

2. Scott Bates

2. Paddy Egan

Best local TV news hairstyle

1. Kristen Remington, KTVN

2. Sarah Johns, KOLO

3. Wendy Damonte. KTVN

Best local TV news anchor

1. Kristen Remington, KTVN

2. Sarah Johns, KOLO

3. Wendy Damonte, KTVN

Best local TV news

1. KTVN Channel 2

2. KRNV Channel 4

3. KOLO Channel 8

Best local radio DJ or DJ team

1. Chris Payne, KRZQ

2. Bill & Connie, KLCA

3. Ron & Falen, KWYL

Best local political activist

1. Bob Fulkerson

2. Shaun Gray

3. Kim Bacchus

Best local musician

1. Adam Goings

2. Whitney Myer

3. Kate Cotter

Best local journalist

1. Cory Farley, Reno Gazette-Journal

1. Dennis Myers, RN&R

3. Brad Bynum, RN&R

Best local filmmaker

1. Kaleb Temple

2. Cassady O’Neal

2. Tyler Bourns

2. Zach Settewongse

Best local comedian

1. Wayne Walsh

2. P.K. Hutchinson

3. Rick D’Elia

Best local columnist

1. Cory Farley, Reno Gazette-Journal

2. Sean Cary, RN&R

3. Erin Breen, Reno Gazette-Journal

Best local candidate

1. Kate Marshall

2. Kitty Jung

3. David Bobzien

Best local athlete/female

1. Tahnee Robinson

2. Patty Sheehan

3. Kristi Young

Best local athlete/male

1. Colin Kaepernick

2. Collin Cowgill

2. Wily Mo Pena

Best local actor/actress

1. Mary Bennett

2. Adam Whitney

Best interior designer

1. John Ludwig

2. Kimberly Phipps-Nichol

3. Kadie Remaklus

Best high school teacher

1. Levi Watson

Galena High School

2. John Lorentzen

Reed High School

2. Michelle Hinkson

Galena High School

2. Kelly Wetzler

Reno High School

Best elementary school teacher

1. Corinne Paiva

Sierra Vista Elementary

Best handyperson

1. Rachel Williams

2. Tom Bailie

Best gynecologist

1. Staci Paul

2. Stacy Mellum

2. Larry Klaich

2. Mark Schumacher

Best family practice doctor

1. Rose Paiva

2. Shannon Zamboni

3. Thomas O’Gara

3. Dennis Brown

Best dentist

1. John Bocchi

1. Gene Pascucci

3. Anthony Brunelli

Best creative writer

1. Topher South

2. Sean Cary

3. Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Best college instructor

1. Howard Rosenberg

University of Nevada, Reno

2. Bob Felten

University of Nevada, Reno

3. Peter Goin

University of Nevada, Reno

Best cocktail server

1. Jamie Farley

St. James Infirmary

2. Joey Curtis

St. James Infirmary

3. Georgette Crush

St. James Infirmary

Best club doorman/bouncer

1. Kelby Brooks

Imperial Bar & Lounge

2. Pat Freeman


3. Danielle Bowser

5 Star Saloon

3. Zanaan Bennett


Best chiropractor

1. Todd Stevenson

1. Amanda Rammel

3. Cliff Fisher

Best bartender, female

1. Jamie Farley

St. James Infirmary

2. Becca Sweet

Beck’s Brew House

3. Vonnie Allen


3. Shana Catlett


Best bartender, male

1. Cary DeMars

The Knitting Factory

1. Duncan Mitchell

Chapel Tavern

3. Chris Costa

Lincoln Lounge

Best barista

1. Joey Trujillo

The Hub Coffee Co.

2. Chris Bonde

The Hub Coffee Co.

3. Ben Christensen


Best barback

1. Jordan Moore

St. James Infirmary

2. Jesse Lucero


3. Chris Fite

Knitting Factory

3. Brian Mandio

Lincoln Lounge

Best attorney

1. Del Hardy

2. Nicole Harvey

3. Alison Colvin

Best athletic coach

1. Chris Ault

University of Nevada, Reno football

2. Jane Albright

University of Nevada, Reno basketball

2. Scott Young

University of Nevada, Reno triathlon

2. David Carter

University of Nevada, Reno basketball