Editors’ Picks

Best hood defenders

Since the Marc Johnson administration reversed the Milton Glick administration’s policy of ending University of Nevada, Reno sprawl, numerous community activists and organizations have become involved in protecting the community’s heritage. Figures like Barrie Lynn, Rebecca Palmer, Alicia Barber and Mike Van Houten have provided leadership, and numerous citizens have been drawn into battles for historical dormitories on campus and Queen Anne residences off campus. With any luck, this is not an episodic development, reacting to each dispute as it happens. Too often the public becomes aware of a threat only after it is too late to stop. This community needs to track what happens and stay ahead of the curve and we thank those who are doing just that.

Best local TV stars

Local television news has been in poor repute for decades, not just in local markets but nationally. Things have gotten worse as stations are folded into larger and larger chains, with budgets and resources cut by penurious absentee managers. There are also faults on the part of some journalists, and we have sometimes been critical of shallow coverage, one-sided reports, and inadequate research. That makes Terri Russell and Ed Pearce all the more valuable to our state. Deeply rooted in the community, well-informed, knowledgeable and ethical, they produce careful news coverage that can be taken right to the bank. The names of these two—inductees in the Nevada Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame—on news coverage is about as close as television journalism gets to a warranty, and Nevadans are fortunate to be served by them.

Best change of heart

Imagine that northern Nevada had a U.S. House member like Michele Bachmann or Trent Franks or Sharron Angle. Like Mark Amodei, they would have become involved in trying to obtain public lands for the state. But when they discovered the public was hostile to the notion, they would have plunged ahead anyway—ideology being more important than community well being. Amodei, faced by opinion surveys and public hearings at which anglers and hunters opposed his longtime effort at land transfers, surprised many observers by responding to their views and dropping his legislation. We don’t think public officials should follow every shift in the wind, but there is something to be said for being sensitive to public concerns, and the Bundy era has made many everyday citizens alarmed over public land extremism.

Readers’ Picks

Best volunteer

1. Kentot Allen

2. Britton Griffith-Douglass

3. Meredith Tanzer

3. Moira Bengochea

Best dentist

1. Gene Pascucci

2. Joel Glover

2. Brian Chan

Best local actor/actress

1. Moira Bengochea

2. Mary Bennett

3. Greg Klino

Best visual artist

1. Alfyn Gestoso

2. Joe C. Rock

3. Jeramie Lu

Best interior designer

1. Marilee Wentz

1. Steve Gunderson

Best wedding planner

1. She Said Yes Weddings and Events

2. Liane McCombs Wedding & Event Planning

3. Chrissy Perry Quality Event Design

Best pilates instructor

1. Lisa Castaneda

2. Tanya Rose

2. Jessica Roberts

Best chiropractor

1. Richard “Ricky” Delacruz

2. Taylor Donovan

3. Bradley Corbin

Best local TV news

1. KTVN Channel 2

2. KOLO Channel 8

3. KRNV Channel 4

Best local athlete

1. Colin Kaepernick

2. Delray Thomas

Best local musician

1. Greg Golden

2. Canyon White

3. Whitney Myer

3. Grace Hayes

Best gynecologist

1. Staci M. Paul

2. Stacy Mellum

2. Elizabeth Hutson

Best attorney

1. Marilyn York

2. David Houston

3. Del Hardy

Best barista

1. Joe Marino

Blue Whale Coffee

2. Mark Norris

Bibo Coffee Co.

Best local columnist

1. Britton Griffith-Douglass

Reno Tahoe Tonight

2. Cory Farley

Reno Gazette-Journal

3. Mike Higdon

Reno Gazette-Journal

Best plastic surgeon

1. James E. Murphy

2. Louis Bonaldi

3. Tiffany McCormack

Best local filmmaker

1. Emily Skyle

2. Jason Spencer

3. Eddie Vigil

Best police officer

1. Oliver Miller

Reno Police Department

1. Tim Broadway

Reno Police Department

3. Patrick McCauley

Reno Police Department

Best local radio DJ or DJ team

1. Arnie States

2. Chris Payne

104.1 KRZQ

3. Bill & Connie,

96.5 KLCA

Best model

1. Shanda Golden

2. Chanika McCombs

3. Delray Thomas

Best bartender

1. Annalisa Suarez

Pignic Pub & Patio

2. Lacey Shea

Shea’s Tavern

3. Jeff Carter

Glass Die

3. Dennis McDonald

Studio on 4th

Best local rapper

1. Feeki

2. Lil Traffic

Best college instructor

1. Greg Nielsen

University of Nevada, Reno

2. Dan Bouweraerts

Truckee Meadows Community College

Best beard

1. Chris Payne

2. Mason Needham

3. Pete Katin

Best creative writer

1. Britton Griffith-Douglass

2. Annie Flanzraich

3. Paul Klein

Best high school teacher

1. Rod Hearn

Damonte Ranch High School

Best elementary school teacher

1. Levi Watson

Mount Rose School

2. Kris Stosic

Mount Rose School

2. Brianne Ciarlo

Glen Duncan STEM Academy

Best middle school teacher

1. Levi Watson

Mount Rose School

2. David Kearney

St. Albert The Great Catholic School

3. Sarah Garrison

Dilworth STEM Academy

3. Marcia Motter

Clayton Middle School

Best photographer

1. Jeramie Lu

2. Alfyn Gestoso

3. J Savvy

Best local comedian

1. Arnie States

2. Dave Mencarelli

3. P.K. Hutchinson

Best local songwriter

1. Canyon White

Best minister/spiritual advisor

1. Father Tony Vercellone

Our Lady of the Snows

3. Harvey Turner

Living Stones

2. Dan Frank

Grace Church

Best family doctor

1. Jennifer Hornback

2. Pat Colletti

3. Rose Paiva

Best local politician

1. Hillary Schieve

2. Brian Sandoval

3. Oscar Delgado

Best local TV news anchor

1. Kristen Remington


2. John Potter


3. Sarah Johns


Best real estate agent

1. Courtney Baker

2. Dawn Bunker

3. Shirley Larkins

Best muralist

1. Joe C. Rock

2. Erik Burke

3. Anthony Ortega

Best public figure to fantasize about

1. Chris Payne

2. Hillary Schieve

3. Shanda Golden

Best music teacher

1. Jeff Montgomery

2. Anthony Postman

2. Eric Stangeland

Best social networker

1. Kentot Allen

2. Amanda McLernon

3. Chris Payne

Best pet groomer

1. Alice Maria

Alice’s Pet Parlor

2. Kristi Joanis

Kristi’s Pet Grooming

3. Caroline Johnson

CJ’s Grooming

Best politician

1. Hillary Schieve

2. Brian Sandoval

Best power couple

1. Greg Golden & Shanda Golden

2. Britton Griffith-Douglass & Samuel Douglass

3. Alfyn Gestoso & Delray Thomas

3. Levi Watson & Angela Watson

Best principal

1. Krissy Brown

Mount Rose School

2. Tom Brown

Galena High School

Best public relations professional

1. Abbi Whitaker

The Abbi Agency

2. Courtney Meredith

Best massage therapist

1. Sara Freschi

2. Grace Greenspan

3. April Epps

Most Beautiful Person

1. Shanda Golden

2. Kristen Remington

3. Alfyn Gestoso

Most handsome person

1. Greg Golden

2. Chris Payne

3. Arnie States

Best mobile/club/event DJ

1. Amplified Entertainment

2. Anthony Postman