Best bookseller

Dan Earl
Sundance Bookstore 1155 W. 4th St. #106 786-1188

Dear John,
Great to hear from you, John. I feel kind of disconnected from the world after leaving the City by the Bay, but it’s great to see my old college roommates are still doing well. There is one bright light here in the Hinterlands. There’s an independent bookstore that’s every bit as good as some of the ones down there. Maybe not as big, but the people there know everything about published and out-of-print books. Anyway, when I go in there and see Dan Earl, one the owners, flitting around, putting books away or helping customers, it reminds me of the days that I’d see Lawrence Ferlinghetti creeping around City Lights. Now if Dan and his business partner, Christine Kelly, could only pull in some of the great authors when Great Basin Book Festival isn’t around.