Best Movie Reviewer

Bob Grimm
Reno News & Review 324-4440 ext. 3509

Dear Sis,
The paper here is running Best Movie Reviewer category in the Best Of ballots, again. It makes me so mad. I know it’s me, dammit, it’s me. I don’t know why the hell they have to run Best Movie Reviewer, anyway. There are only two local movie reviewers in town. It’s just that simple, more people will vote for Forrest at the Gazette or Roger Ebert or some shit. Why can’t they run Best Damn Head Shop or something? It’s embarrassing really. It’s like when they edit my copy. If I wanted those 25-word sentences to be two 10-word sentences, I’d have written them that way. God, don’t they know anything about style? Those are my words. “Form,” “from” … they’ve got to read the copy for God’s sake. Those typos make me look like an idiot. That’s it. I’m calling the boss. I’m the best movie reviewer, and everyone knows it.