Sculpture by Anthony Arevalo

Editors’ Picks

Best indiscreet politician

Mayor Hillary Scheive

Is there anything harder to find than a politician who's willing to say what's on his or her mind? Sure, there are exceptions like Donald Trump, but he's just pandering to the psychotic base; there can be little doubt that he doesn't actually believe the things that come out of his mouth. No, in Reno, we have Madame Mayor, who, through speaking her mind, ends up on many people's hit lists. An offhand comment about the Reno Arch fuels headlines for days or a reasoned comment about the Reno-Sparks Convention & Visitor's Authority has all the Chicken Littles looking to the sky. Sure, we have to look twice at payments to friends who ran her campaigns or the appointments of friends onto the Airport Authority, but as long as she keeps speaking from her heart, we're going to keep listening.

Best do-gooder

Denise Yoxsimer

The board of the Committee to Aid Abused Women alienated a large part of its support base with its handling of founder/director Joni Kaiser's departure, but no one can fault her replacement—Denise Yoxsimer, long one of the area's treasures. Her previous ports of call include KTVN News, Washoe Medical Center and KNPB fundraising. She was the ideal person to win back community support. 1735 Vassar St., 329-4150

Readers’ Picks

Best volunteer

1. Lynette Schweigert

2. Meredith Tanzer

3. Britton Douglass

Best visual artist

1. Jeramie Lu

2. Kendall Price

3. Alfyn Gestoso

Best muralist

1. Shawn Jaime

2. Erik Burke

3. Joe C. Rock

Best social networker

1. Chris Payne

2. Kentot Allen

3. Haley Wood

Best real estate agent

1. Chris Whitney

2. Alan Hoffman

3. Samuel Douglass

Best public relations professional

1. Valerie Glenn

The Glenn Group

2. Abbi Whitaker

The Abbi Agency

3. Natasha Bourlin

Biggest Little Group

Best public figure to fantasize about

1. Hillary Schieve

2. Chris Payne

3. Brian Sandoval

Best principal

1. Krissy Brown

Mount Rose Elementary School

Best politician

1. Hillary Schieve

2. Brian Sandoval

3. Oscar Delgado

Best police officer

1. Tom Robinson

Reno Police Department

2. Patrick McCauley

Reno Police Department

3. Chuck Allen

Nevada Highway Patrol

Best plastic surgeon

1. James E. Murphy

2. Louis Bonaldi

3. Scott Wrye

Best photographer

1. Jeramie Lu

2. Asa Gilmore

3. Kendall Price

Best music teacher

1. Anthony Postman

1. Eric Stangeland

3. Ashley Monin

Best local TV news hairstyle

1. Kristen Remington


2. Sarah Johns


3. Wendy Damonte


Best local TV news anchor

1. Sarah Johns


2. Kristen Remington


3. Wendy Damonte


Best local TV news

1. KOLO Channel 8

2. KTVN Channel 2

3. KRNV Channel 4

Best local radio DJ or DJ team

1. Dead Air Dave

100.1 KTHX

2. Chris Payne

104.1 KRZQ

3. Bill & Connie

96.5 KCLA Alice

Best local musician

1. Canyon White

2. Whitney Myer

3. Mark Sexton

3. Greg Golden

Best local songwriter

1. Canyon White

2. Whitney Myer

3. Tyler Stafford

Best local rapper

1. Franc Friday

2. Tony Walker

3. Feeki Fresh

Best pet groomer

1. CeCe Apostolos

Best local filmmaker

1. Jason Spencer

2. Bryon Evans

3. Matt Biondi

Best local comedian

1. Richard Hunter

1. Dave Mencarelli

3. Jenny Pezdespencer

Best local columnist

1. Cory Farley

Reno Gazette-Journal

2. Britton Griffith-Douglass

Reno Tahoe Tonight

3. Brad Bynum

Reno News & Review

Best local politician

1. Hillary Schieve

2. Brian Sandoval

3. Oscar Delgado

Best local athlete

1. David Wise

2. Colin Kaepernick

3. Mena Spodobalski

Best local actor/actress

1. Evonne Kezios

2. Jef Derderian

3. Mary Bennett

Best interior designer

1. John Ludwig

Hedwig Ludman Interiors

2. Kadie Remaklus


3. Marilee Wintz

Sage Interiors

3. Marie Wikoff

Wikoff Design Studio

Best high school teacher

1. Melanie Gump

North Valleys High School

2. Josh Bronson

Galena High School

3. Levi Watson

Galena High School

Best middle school teacher

1. Levi Watson

Mount Rose School

2. Robyn Carlson

Mount Rose School

2. Evonne Kezios

Pine Middle School

Best elementary school teacher

1. Calen Evans

Best gynecologist

1. Larry Klaich

2. Staci M. Paul

3. Allison Westfall

Best dentist

1. Anthony Brunelli

2. Cyrus Kwong

3. Joel Glover

Best college instructor

1. David Merlino

Milan Institute of Cosmetology

2. Bob Felten

University of Nevada, Reno

3. William Eubank

University of Nevada, Reno

Best chiropractor

1. Karl V. Forsberg

2. Taylor Donovan

3. Bradley Corbin

Best bartender, female

1. Jayme Craig

Coach's Bar and Grill

2. Annalisa Suarez

Pignic Pub & Patio

3. Natalie Handler

The Loving Cup

3. Georgette Crush

St. James Infirmary

Best bartender, male

1. Dale Ennen

Coach's Bar and Grill

2. Richard Kuchenbecker

Mario's Portofino

3. Dave Serna

Reno Public House

Best barista

1. A.J. Martin

Bibo Coffee Co.

2. Kevin Stamps

Old World Coffee

3. Chris Garrison

Old World Coffee

3. Lainey Henderson

The Hub

Best attorney

1. Tory D. Allen

2. Nicole Harvey

3. David Houston

Best beard

1. Chris Payne

2. Mike Mechanic

3. Archie Wood

Best minister/spiritual advisor

1. Father Tony Vercellone

Our Lady of the Snows

2. Harvey Turner

Living Stones

3. Ed Adkins

Let's Do Things

Best massage therapist

1. Tawni Grubaugh

2. Joerg Herbrechtsmeier

Best family doctor

1. Dennis Brown

2. Thomas O'Gara

3. Patricia Levan

Best go-go dancer

1. Adrienne Zaccone

2. Natassha Still

3. Cordelia Leeder

Best model

1. Shanda Golden

2. Helena Inskeep

Best rolfer

1. David MacDonald

2. Kim Webster

2. Ossian MacDonald