Pepsi Blue


Never, never have I tasted a soft drink as vile as Pepsi Blue, and I’ve had them all. I’ve sampled supermarket brand cherry sodas that seemed to use cough syrup as their flavor base. I swilled diet sodas back in the day when manufacturers didn’t give a crap about flavor, and I didn’t mind that their one-calorie soft drinks reminded me of battery acid. Now comes Pepsi Blue, a "berry cola" which looks like the water in your toilet bowl and tastes like liquefied Sweet Tarts. Pepsi came up with this satanic spit to counter the wonder that is Vanilla Coke, a.k.a. The Best Soda in the World. Mark my words; this sucker will go the route of Crystal Pepsi and New Coke. I know the funky blue color has made you curious. Ignore your curiosity, stay the hell away from Pepsi Blue!