Peace in a nuke-free world

Imagine the year 2010. The threat of nuclear destruction of the planet has been eliminated. Clean, safe, nontoxic sources of energy power the world. Is this a pipe dream? Science fiction? Or could it become real?

Perhaps the nuclear power industry is like the Wizard of Oz, who was just a man standing behind a curtain. His camouflage was exposed, just as the nuclear powers should be.

It’s easy to point fingers, judge and blame the Department of Energy, the nuclear power industry, the energy secretary, the president and Congress for Yucca Mountain. But don’t say, “It’s not my problem.” Making a difference starts with you.

Mother Theresa said that when she faced the Hitler within herself, she was then able to do good. We each can choose to support a nightmare or a dream-filled future. Remember that evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Each of us has to look within and see our own attitudes and beliefs—then change, if necessary.

The most powerful solutions are within reach, although it will require a paradigm shift. After we have cleaned up our inner toxic waste dumps, visualized a nuke-free, peace-filled world and supported zero energy sources, real change is inevitable. (Visit IEHTML/MEDIACOV/mediacovbody.html and find out the trillion-dollar reason for the War Against Cold Fusion.) Follow the examples of Jesus, Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, Gandhi and John Robbins, radical activists who have positively transformed their worlds. Imagine living in peace.

Here’s how you can get involved. The Department of Energy will soon release its Site Recommendation Consideration Report (SRCR) and hold public hearings in February. This may be the public’s only opportunity to comment prior to the recommendation of the Yucca Mountain site to the president. The final Environmental Impact Statement and recommended repository design are expected to be out in mid-summer.

The public should have the opportunity to comment on and review the most timely and complete information that will be given to the president and Congress. Please pay attention to these hearings. Write, fax and e-mail your representatives and president-elect Bush.

You can also contact friends in other states, especially those along proposed transportation routes (see maps in the fall 2000 issue of the Citizen Alert newsletter). Especially urge them to oppose a proposal by Private Fuel Storage (a limited liability coalition of eight nuclear utility companies) to store high-level nuclear waste temporarily at Skull Valley, 60 miles from Salt Lake City.

Here’s another revolutionary thought: Perhaps forgiveness, love, peace and joy are much more powerful than hate, war, fear and pain. Now that is real activism. Pass it on. “Let peace begin on Earth, and let it begin with me.”