Paranormal Activity

Rated 3.0

A couple moves into a new home, and they start hearing strange noises at night. The husband, Micah (Micah Short) carries a camera around and sets it up at the foot of the bed when they sleep. The wife (Katie Featherston) reveals that she’s heard and seen strange, demonic things for most of her life. Shit happens, and we watch the found footage. This “mockumentary” owes its life to The Blair Witch Project, and it has generated a lot of hype with its slow release schedule. It has some legitimate scares, including the mother of all freak-outs in its last 20 minutes. But it also has a lot of minutia, and the wait for the scares amounts more to frustration than actual dread. Still, I can tell you that the movie is a very unique viewing experience, and it has a lasting effect. It’s very low budget, and that’s obvious. There are only so many scares you can get out of bed sheets moving by themselves, and this movie gets a few of them.