Paranormal Activity 2

Rated 2.0

Take the first film, add a couple of more cameras, and replace the ruffling bed sheets with falling pots and pans, and that’s what you get with this so-so sequel/prequel. The girl from the first film’s sister (frequent TV actress Sprague Grayden) has a new baby boy, and strange things are happening in her house. Her and her husband figure they have burglars, so they set up security cameras, which provides the setting for long sequences of still-silence interrupted by loud clangs or doors opening and shutting. The movie has one major startle-scare in it, and a lot of stuff involving a baby getting bothered in the night. In the end, you sit through three hours of this stuff, including the original, for one or two really good scares, and a lot of mild ones. Of course, this one leaves room for a sequel, and judging by the bank it’s already making, a continuation of the story seems inevitable. Perhaps we will get to watch paint dry in the next one.