Rated 1.0 The end-of-the-summer cinematic trash heap already stunk like a mofo with Anacondas. Now comes Paparazzi, which isn’t even good enough to be worthy of straight-to-video status. This sucker should’ve been thrown in the corner, peed upon by everyone at Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions (the responsible party), and left to rot in a stinking pile. How this film got a big-screen release and cameos from the likes of Gibson, Vince Vaughn and Chris Rock is beyond me. Actually, not really. Gibson is probably friends with Vaughn and Rock, while we know he’s tight with Jesus Christ our lord and personal savior, so some strings could be pulled. Cole Hauser plays a movie star stalked by a tenacious photographer (Tom Sizemore on drugs), and he must take the law into his own hands to get some privacy. With its typical B-movie revenge-film formula à la Death Wish, and its terribly stereotypical script à la Death Wish 5, Paparazzi gives an already bad film genre a bad name.