Palin lives up to her conservative values

The running mates are chosen, the swords have come out, and Gov. Sarah Palin is receiving the brunt of the blows. Or should I say, she is receiving the brunt of the blows for her daughter’s actions.

There are criticisms about the fact that Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is having a child out of wedlock. This is one of many complaints made by the Democratic Party in regards to the governor of Alaska, each less valid than the last.

The biggest complaint about Gov. Palin is the fact that her daughter is having a baby. The Democrats find this something to smirk at, but on the other side, this is something that reaffirms the fact that Palin is a good choice for John McCain’s running mate.

The first fault in this argument against the governor would be that the complaint isn’t about Sarah Palin herself. People are complaining about her daughter’s mistakes, mistakes over which Gov. Palin can have limited control. Her daughter is having a child, this is true, but the greater factor in this is the fact that she is having the child. Whether because Sarah Palin is encouraging her to have this baby or the girl is choosing this on her own, the important thing is she is having the baby.

By having the child instead of an abortion, Gov. Palin’s daughter is upholding her mother’s conservative values. By not aborting the child, this 17-year-old girl owns up to her mistake, and she is dealing with it. Personal responsibility is maintained in this case and so are the ideals of a conservative family.

The Democrats of this nation are blaming Sarah Palin for her daughter’s hurdle, which isn’t the governor’s fault or a fault at all for that matter. Her daughter owns up to her mistake, and Palin is supporting her. The important observation we can make is that Bristol Palin has learned personal responsibility, and she learned it from her mother, who also demonstrated her commitment to human life by giving birth to a child she knew suffered from Down Syndrome.

There are many invalid complaints in regard to Gov. Palin as the choice for McCain’s running mate. This commentary on her daughter is the most ridiculous and off-the-wall idea the Democrats have brought up yet.

Gov. Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention was phenomenal. She has more than proven that any complaint that the Democrats may have about her is invalid and petty. The complaint about her lack of experience is laughable as well. Every time the Democrats bring up her lack of experience, they are emphasizing the fact that Sen. Barack Obama has even less experience than Gov. Palin.

The Obama supporters have pushed the inexperienced, bad-parent ticket to Gov. Palin, but it does nothing but make them look desperate. These “straw man” complaints are not those that win the presidency. Ideas, issues and experience are what will win out in the end. Sen. John McCain has the experience; Gov. Palin has the experience; Sen. Biden has the experience, but Sen. Obama does not. All he has is a speech and “hope,” and now his party has invalid insults for an amazing lady, which just won’t be enough for him to win the presidency.