Pains to register

Tips for getting into a class when it’s already full

If you haven’t experienced it yet, you are bound to sometime in the next few years. For some, it’s hardly ever a problem, but those with names at the end of the alphabet, can assume there will be trouble registering for classes.

The registration schedule is based on the first letter of the last name and how many credits the student has. This means freshmen with names at the end of the alphabet are at the bottom of the food chain every other semester. But do not despair. There are some tricks to getting into a full class.

Lauren Wright, 19, a sophomore at University of Nevada, Reno, said that because of where her name falls in the alphabet, she has had trouble getting into classes before.

“Now I have upperclassmen friends that reserve classes for me,” Wright said.

This can be done when an upperclassman registers for a class, then, when you are ready to register, they drop the class so that you can pick it up. Along with upperclassmen, students in the honors program register first with seniors. There are some problems with this method, though. First, it’s impossible to register for classes with conflicting time schedules. Second, there is a 21-credit limit.

Another way to get into full classes is by talking to the professor at the beginning of the semester. Many professors are willing to add students into a full class unless there literally isn’t room for an extra person. If all else fails, just go to the class every day and keep trying to get into the class online because someone will most likely drop it after the first two weeks.

Neil Steininger, 19, a freshman at UNR, has added full classes after the add date had passed.

“Some professors are really lenient about adding you in after the add date,” Steininger said.

Another thing to note is that every semester, the registration schedule is switched. One semester, A’s will be the first to register, and the next year, they will be the last.

Not being able to register for one or two classes may not seem like a big deal right now. But at some point, it will. Take my example. Last semester, when it came time to register, three of the classes I needed were full. This made things difficult for me. At the end of the break, when my boss asked me what hours I would be available to work when school started, I got a nasty look when I said, “I don’t know.”

But have no fear. If you try all these tactics and still can’t get into a class, you can take it the following semester. Just remember to register at your ealiest opportunity.