Paging Copperhill

On April 7, the California Franchise Tax Board made public a list of the state’s top 250 tax debtors who collectively owe more than $123 million in income taxes.

No. 6 on the list: Copperhill Development Corporation of Reno, owing $2,731,311.99 in corporate income tax. The list also says a tax lien has been on record against Copperhill since June 10, 2005.

Another company listed is Saintly, Inc. of Carson City, owing $5,878,771 since 2002, though its name has recently been removed from the list, which may indicate payment was made.

Other Nevadans or Nevada-based entities in dutch with the Board are Valuation Systems of Las Vegas ($571,199.42), Factory Mutual Services of Las Vegas ($468,434.86), James D Swift and Nancy Texeira Swift of Las Vegas ($462,868.61), Research Planning of Las Vegas ($432,437.79), Benjamin Mullen of North Las Vegas ($305,761), Kevin Kirwan of Henderson ($299,761.73), Ronald Foote of Henderson ($291,948.07), Robert Goyette of Las Vegas ($272,792.91), Gaylord Deocampo of Henderson ($223,943.77). Some are listed for personal income taxes, others for corporate taxes.

Board chair John Chiang said, “Unpaid taxes that are on the books should be used to help provide all Californians with services at the state and local levels. Hopefully, this action will encourage the taxpayers that owe taxes but do not pay them to come forward and quickly help the Franchise Tax Board remove their names from the list.”