Overly green

It may be possible to take this green living stuff too far. Mike Sowden of EcoSalon came up with this list (summarized and condensed here) of “The 8 Weirdest Ways to Go Green.”

1) Free-range snails. High-protein, low-fat. What’s not to love when you throw them in a salad?

2) Join the Pee Outside movement. This group uses the following statistic as its justification to do what many men wish could just be the status quo: Three gallons of water are used every time the toilet flushes. Just be careful not to get “exposed” on a Megan’s Law website.

3) The company Sintex turns poop and other organic waste into energy to run homes.

4) Low-fallout, low-pollution eco-bomb. The environmentally friendly way to blow shit up.

5) The Solar-Powered USB Bikini. Charge up while you sunbathe.

6) Eat weeds. This isn’t so crazy. Dandelion greens are the rage

7) Floating Human-Powered Gym. This boat-like gym would transport people around the rivers of New York using energy produced from people working out on it.

8) Don’t wave flags. At least not on your car. It reduces the fuel economy of your vehicle.