Rated 2.0

American soldiers get personal with some mutant Nazi soldiers in Overlord, one of the weirder films to make it to the big screen in 2018. U.S. World War II paratroopers, led by Kurt Russell’s look-and-sound-alike son Wyatt as demolition expert Ford, land in a Nazi-occupied French town. It’s the eve of D-Day, and the beginning of director Julius Avery’s flick is an effective war movie as those paratroopers, including Jovan Adepo as Boyce and John Magaro as Tibbet, must escape a crashing plane and then evade Nazis on the ground. Soon after linking up with local resident Chloe (Mathilde Ollivier), the soldiers find themselves in a safehouse. It’s a typical small French town house, excepting for the fact that Chloe’s aunt down the hall is ill, and we aren’t talking whooping cough. Nazi doctors are seriously screwing with dead people’s biochemistry. This results in some messed-up experiments like Chloe’s aunt, but also brings about superhuman Nazi soldier zombies with direct orders to tear people apart. Yikes! The whole Nazi zombie thing has been done before, but never with such authentic style and gory aplomb. At a time when studios are starting to release their Oscar favorites, it’s interesting to see something like Overlord post-Halloween. The movie doesn’t score major points for originality, but it’s a good time nonetheless for those of us who enjoy seeing bad things done to Nazi types.