Best place to go bobbing for trout

Anywhere west of Reno on the Truckee River

Dear Giorgio,
I have tipped three more cows since I last wrote to you. I have also had more joy with animals. Fishes not cows. Today I was on my way to a town called Truckee with a guy named Mark who I met last night at a discotheque. He is a sexy man. Tall, dark and sexy like Ricardo. He brought a pole to fish with. He says trout fishing is good in the Truckee waters, and that if he caught something, he would make me dinner. There are beautiful trees along the river and rocks in the water to stand in. I think I would like to raft down the river in the summer when the river is more full of water. We went to a spot where other peoples were fishing and Mark got out his pole that was very nice and put it in the water. I said, “This is not the way we fish in my country. You cannot fish unless you get yourself wet.” I then put my head under the water and waited about 30 seconds until a fish swam underneath my mouth, then I grabbed it with my teeth. I could tell then that it would make a delicious dinner. Mark was shocked and said I was the fishiest girl he knew. I took it as a compliment. Kiss kiss,