Our growing family

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

So, if you couldn’t figure it out from my not-very-subtle Editor’s Note last week, our special special projects editor Kat Kerlin is pregnant. I could only be more excited if I’d had something to do with it. Heck, Kat’s my right hand person, working tirelessly, accurately and creatively to help make this newspaper what it is.

(And yes, Dennis, Brad and Kelley, I could say the exact same thing about any of you. Personally, I’m hoping for twins born on March 28.)

I’m racking my brain; I think Hunter was the first baby born out of the Reno News & Review family. Then Kelley Lang and Dave brought Sophie into this world. Then, I think it was Adrienne Rice and Gabe Doss, although they’d moved by the time the water broke. Jeez, with that kind of record, you’d think all we do is sit around and think and talk about sex but … well, now that I mention it, it’s a miracle we get a paper out every week. And Brad Bynum’s engaged to be married to his sweetie, Sara Kennedy. Oh, the world is filled with potential for long nights of screaming and crying—and maybe there’ll even be more babies.

But anyway, I remember when our calendar editor Kelley Lang swallowed the gum. (I hope that joke isn’t too obscure. It’s the one about the little kid who believed gum never gets digested.) Anyway, we came up with a bunch of new protocols that enabled her to do most of her work without coming into the office, so she could be a more hands on mom. Those changes enabled the rest of us to do things like decrease the number of hours we have to be in the office. I’m looking forward to the technological leap that will come when we enable Kat to be the sort of parent she wants to be. Hmm. VPNs, call forwarding, improved internet conferencing, internet-based templates—the mind reels. I guess I should give operations a call.