Our endorsements

We don’t make suggestions in every race and question, but we’re confident in the ones where we do endorse

As has become our tradition in political endorsements, the RN&R will not endorse in races where the choices boil down to a coin toss between two marginal candidates or races where only one candidate has chosen to campaign. In races where we haven’t endorsed, and the voter is uncertain, we suggest skipping the question and leaving the results to those who do have high confidence in their choice. In the case of the Reno City Council races, we’ll make up our minds at the Speed Debating event at the Nevada Museum of Art at 6 p.m. on Oct. 30.

Federal Offices
President and vice president of the United States: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Representative in Congress, District 2: Craig Bergland

State Offices
State Senator, District 3: Bill Raggio

State Assembly, District 24: David Bobzien

State Assembly, District 25: Heidi Gansert

State Assembly, District 27: Sheila Leslie

State Assembly, District 30: Debbie Smith

State Assembly, District 31: Bernie Anderson

Washoe County Commissioner, District 1: Toni Harsh

Washoe County Commissioner, District 3: Kitty Jung

Washoe County Commissioner, District 4: Gary Schmidt

Supreme Court Justice, Seat B: Deborah Schumacher

District Court Judge, Seat 04: Connie Steinheimer

District Court Judge, Seat 09: Robert H. Perry

University of Nevada Regent: Jason Geddes

School Board Trustee, District E: Scott Kelley

City Offices
Sparks City Attorney: Neil Grad

Statewide Measures
Question No. 1, removal of unconstitutional language from the Nevada Constitution, which has no practical result: No.

Question No. 2, impenetrable question regarding eminent domain: No.

Question No. 3, unnecessary change to the Nevada Constitution to force legislators to do what they are already supposed to do: No.

Question No. 4, remove the people’s voice in certain sales tax issues: No.

Washoe County Questions
WCSD No. 1, increases sales and vehicle taxes for school funding: No.

RTC No. 2, increases sales tax, the most regressive tax, for public transit. Sucks, but we believe it will benefit working people and the environment: Yes.

WC No. 3, amends regional plan to require government to consider the availability of water when adding to the community’s size and population: Yes.

SFPD No. 4, would build and staff a fire station at Arrowcreek: Yes.

RTC No. 5, seeks legislative approval of a hidden tax increase: No.

WC No. 6, will undermine all tourism (not just gambling) by raising room tax: No.

IVGID No. 7, an advisory question regarding the possible creation of an unincorporated town, Incline Village: Yes.