Open up, but say ‘ahhh’

The scientists involved in what became known as “Climategate” did not hide or tamper with results that didn’t support evidence of man-made global warming, according to Sir Muir Russell, the senior civil servant who led a six-month inquiry by a British panel into the scandal. Muir said last week that the “rigor and honesty” of the scientists at the Climatic Research Unity at the University of East Anglia were not in doubt, reported the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper. Nor did they undermine the peer review process to censor criticism, as some alleged. There also was no evidence that the researchers’ behavior undermined findings by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. However, the researchers were not open enough about their work and were even “unhelpful and defensive” when legitimate requests were made under freedom of information laws, the panel concluded.

This was the third and final inquiry into the “Climategate” affair and clears CRU head Professor Phil Jones and his colleagues of the most serious charges, the Guardian said.