Open meeting waiver asked

Applicants for appointment to the vacancy on the Reno City Council were asked to sign a waiver of their rights under the open meeting law on the application form.

No reason was given for the request, and most applicants are believed to have acceded to it. A heading on the item read, “WAIVER OF NOTICE REQUIRED UNDER NRS 241.033(1) TO ALLOW CITY COUNCIL TO CONSIDER CHARACTER, MISCONDUCT, OR COMPETENCE OF PERSON TO BE APPOINTED TO A BOARD, COMMISSION, OR OTHER PUBLIC BODY FOR THE CITY OF RENO”

There is speculation that the request was made to scare off some applicants.

“I don’t know what’s in everybody’s resume,” said one observer familiar with the open meeting law. “But this would scare some people off with the idea that anything might come up in an open session.”

One applicant told us, “If you ask me, nothing is ever perfect, but keeping it fair and open is the best possible way.“