One step closer

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

In the last issue of last year, I sadly wrote these words: “Got some bad news to report today. Saturday night, I was cited for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. There was not an accident. There’s also not much I can say right now about my guilt or innocence, although it is my intention to write the full story after I appear in court—after all, what’s a story without an end?”

I went to court on July 27. Well, it’s still my intention to write a more substantial piece about how DUIs are handled in Washoe County and the state of Nevada, but the case against me was dismissed. That substantially changes the character of the story I’d intended on writing, and also takes away most of the “immediacy” factor. More time will probably make for a better story, but we’ll see—writers never really know what’s going to happen to a story until it hits newsprint.

The case was dismissed for reasons related to the arrest. I’ll go more into it in the story, but it illustrates why anyone who has to go before the court—particularly when the stakes are so high—should hire a skilled attorney to ensure their rights are protected. John Oakes gave me great representation.

I didn’t get off scot free. Due to Department of Motor Vehicle “administrative” punishments that automatically happen upon arrest, I lost my drivers license for 90 days, 45 of which were restricted—basically limited to driving to and from work. There were no concessions made for the fact I’m a single parent with a 12-year-old and no bus stop within more than a mile of my home.

Anyway, I’d like to offer thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes as I went through this. I’d also like to acknowledge that I got a few notes that expressed hope for a less favorable outcome.