On newsstands now

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I guess I needed a major storm to remind me it’s winter in Nevada. I love it, though. Gives me an excuse to play on Facebook. Last week, I made a page to highlight a collaborative effort between the three News & Reviews—Reno, Chico and Sacramento—and local artists. We’re giving artists our newsracks to decorate as they will, and some of the results are frankly mind-blowing. Check it out at www.facebook.com/pages/News-Review-Newsstand-Art-Project/177814638929409. I’ve set the page up with three folders with photos of each of the cities’ newspapers’ boxes. The page also contains links to various documents that explain how artists can get involved. Don’t forget about our regular RN&R page, too. You can like it at www.facebook.com/RenoNewsReview.

And Kat Kerlin would remind me to mention our environmental Facebook page, RN&R Green.

That Facebook. I can tell you I spend a bit more time on the social network than I probably should. I used to do the whole Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn stuff, but I’ve mostly cut back to just Facebook. It’s just so interesting and handy. And addictive and compulsive. I try to refrain from posting too much, but every once in a while, I forget myself and mention what I had for lunch. About a month ago, on my personal page, I cut back my “friends” mostly to people I actually know, whom I’ve had a beer with, or whom I’d like to have a beer with. I also unfriended the people who only post commercial messages.

I hope nobody took it personally, and if they miss my irrelevant banter, they can always refriend me.

I’ve got several friends who left Facebook, and I’m thinking about taking a break on my personal page, maybe for the summer. We’ll see. Plainly, the social network is not just for fun, and many people are attributing Facebook with enabling the toppling of the dictator in Egypt. But I don’t remember anyone saying what he had for lunch.