Omelets and anomalies

Surely, he’s never heard <i>that</i> one before: Waiter and busboy Nate Nickerson gets hot and sweaty while cleaning up after patrons who put away such Squeeze In originals as the “Hot and Sweaty Busboy.”

Surely, he’s never heard that one before: Waiter and busboy Nate Nickerson gets hot and sweaty while cleaning up after patrons who put away such Squeeze In originals as the “Hot and Sweaty Busboy.”

Photo By David Robert

Squeeze In

10060 Donner Pass Rd.
Truckee, CA 96161

(530) 587-9814

For over 33 years, Squeeze In has been slinging eggs and serving up local color to customers in Truckee. Originating in an old bank building in the historic Old Town district, the funky little breakfast joint is known for its legendary omelets and laid-back hippie style. Pretty much anything goes at this homey down-home dive, including writing your name on the wall when you’re finished eating.

Asking the waitress for a peanut butter and jelly omelet is not out of line here. They have just about every kind of omelet—some 63 on the menu—limited only by your imagination and your taste for the exotic.

The new Squeeze In, located on the corner of McCarran and Las Brisas in Northwest Reno, has brought its infectious groove and warm and fuzzy welcome with it. Menu items with names like the “Peavine Peak,” an omelet with broccoli, onions, mushrooms and cheddar, appeal to local breakfast clubbers with their name recognition, while daring the die-hard dough and oatmeal set to take a walk on the kitschier side of the day’s most important meal.

When I first checked out the new Squeeze In, I was surprised that it was in a little strip mall near a corporate chain restaurant, and I wondered how and if they would be able to create the same casually comforting hodgepodge atmosphere. They seem to be pulling it off. The windows are draped with peace sign beads and Tibetan style Buddhist designs.

Squeeze In’s style of décor is cosmic hippie-chic mixed with college town flare. It’s a welcome change of scenery from the sometimes stale breakfast scene in Reno.

My girlfriend, Chérie, and I had already had our coffee for the day, but when I noticed Squeeze In served Coffee Connection out of Tahoe City—a.k.a. “Coffee Conniption” because it’s so strong it sends you into one—I had to order a cup for $2.50. Chérie had already had enough coffee for one day, so she ordered a cup of herbal tea for $3. It was brought out in a basket of assorted herbal teas along with a pot of hot water, so she could make it herself.

When we opened the menu, we were a little baffled—it had been a while since either of us had eaten at Squeeze In. It takes a moment to adjust to some of the breakfast anomalies. We got a chuckle out of some of the crazy names and combinations.

After some deliberation, I ordered a Hot Sweaty Busboy for $13.50. The name scared me a little (OK, a lot), but the ingredients—tomatoes, spinach, sausage and cheese are my favorites.

Chérie ordered a Nebraska Rae for $11.75. It was packed with bacon, tomatoes, avocado and cream cheese.

When the food arrived, there was a little confusion as to who got what, but that was to be expected, as they had been open for less than a week.

The omelets were plump and full of promised goodies, and the potatoes were piled high, but they needed seasoning. I rarely put salt on any of my food, but the potatoes needed it. We both thought the food was pretty good, but a little overpriced. Our breakfast, with coffee, tea, food and tip was over 40 bucks! Man, those better be some golden eggs!