Ocean’s Twelve

Rated 2.0 The second time around isn’t nearly as jaunty as the first with Ocean’s Twelve, a comedown from that initial mega-gathering of the movie gods. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon and just about everybody else in Hollywood re-form for what feels like a European vacation that required occasional acting by those who signed on. Nobody seems to have much heart in it this time, and the results are sleepy. It’s more than three years later, and the thieves have split up and gone about their business. Danny Ocean and Tess (Clooney and Roberts) are married, living a humdrum life and getting all anxious about paint shades for their modest home. A surprise visit from Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), the casino mogul who was ripped off in Ocean’s Eleven, ruins their three-year anniversary plans. Benedict demands his money back, plus interest, and the Ocean gang immediately reunites for more dirty work.