Observe and Report

Rated 4.0

Seth Rogen plays a man so unnervingly insane, it’s sometimes hard to figure out whether you should laugh or scream at him. His complete lack of stability gives this film—a hilarious effort from director Jody Hill—that wonderful and somewhat scary “anything can happen” vibe. The funny film rulebook has been thrown out the proverbial window for this one. Rogen plays Ronnie, an obsessive mall security guard who takes it upon himself to become a perfume counter girl’s (Ana Faris) protector. When a bid to join the police goes awry, Ronnie gets even nuttier, as does the film. The movie is quite fearless, and certainly isn’t for everyone. It pushes the limits on many occasions, and scores big, if somewhat uncomfortable, laughs. Consider it a nice companion piece to Pineapple Express.