Obscure Nevada book posted online

More and more books are being posted in their entirety online, and it is sometimes cause for curiosity about how titles are chosen. Consider, for instance, the Report of Nevada State Board of World’s Fair Commissioners (1894).

This best seller dealt not with the subject of bringing a world’s fair to Nevada, but with Nevada’s exhibit at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago commemorating Columbus’ voyage. The book was a report by Nevada commission chair J.S. Yerington to Gov. Roswell Colcord. Though it did not scan cleanly, to read it go to www.archive.org/stream/nevadastreportof00nevarich/nevadastreportof00nevarich_djvu.txt

The 1893 Chicago world’s fair, incidentally, was designed and directed by architect Daniel Burnham, a former Nevada miner and legislative candidate.