Now that the war is ‘over’…

The cost goes on.

As of 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 27, taxpayers in Reno had provided $327,815,709 to pay for the Iraq and Afghan wars, according to the National Priorities Project.

Other figures:

Nevadans have paid $4,392,846,261 for the wars.

The full cost of the Iraq so far is $799,718,239,000. And counting.

And counting? Yes, the meter is still running.

“There are still costs associated with the U.S. war in Iraq—at least $11 billion in fiscal year 2012,” according to Project director Jo Comerford. “We’re still scrubbing the Defense Authorization Act. We’ll have a more full account in the coming weeks.”

The Afghan war so far has cost $486,323,108,000 and the combined total for the two wars is $1,286,041,310,000.