Not wild about Harry

Whether Harry Reid has set the world on fire with his performance as Senate Democratic floor leader is a matter of debate, but one indicator suggests he’s bugging somebody: The Nevada Republican Party has established a Web site whose reason for being is to attack Reid.

The site was set up by a group called Campaign Solutions based out of Alexandria, Va., which has had such clients as McCain for President, Bush Cheney ‘04 and the Republican National Committee.

The page says, “We do not fully understand what happened to Harry Reid after the 2004 election; all we have is speculation. Our current opinion is that the heat of the national spotlight has stripped Senator Reid’s thin veneer of ‘statesmanship’ to reveal a partisan hack. But we could be wrong (after all, we did send him back to the Senate in 2004).” Apparently the sponsors of the page supported Reid before the 2004 election.

What seems to incense the page’s contributors most is that Reid has changed his mind on some issues, that his views on Iraq and terrorism have evolved (like those of most citizens).

The page makes this point by running old quotes from Reid’s speeches and interviews, such as a Reid statement during the Clinton years that Saddam Hussein “is too dangerous of a man to be given carte blanche with weapons of mass destruction.” Of Reid’s stance on the Patriot Act, the page says, “He was happy it passed and is now happy he killed it.” Another section of the page is called “Harry’s hypocrisy.”

The page can be found at