Not another caulk joke, please

A new idea to stimulate the economy could provide rebates for residents who winterize their homes.

Cash for Caulkers is a stimulus program proposed this month by the Obama administration. Operating under the same idea as Cash for Clunkers, it intends to reduce emissions, create jobs and save citizens money.

If approved by Congress, consumers could get a 50 percent rebate on energy efficient equipment and its installation for up to $12,000. If they spent $24,000 on energy efficiency, for example, they could be eligible to get half of that back. Or it might take the form of a tax credit. The funds could go toward things like insulation, new heating systems and energy-efficient windows, or to get a home energy audit and follow through on its recommendations. The program is expected to put idle contractors and construction workers to work insulating homes and caulking air leaks, while saving energy and money for households.