Nog days of winter

Welcome to this week’s Reno News & Review.

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to the rest of the RN&R’s editorial team: Associate Editor Jeri Chadwell, News Editor Dennis Myers, Special Projects Editor Matt Bieker and Calendar Editor Kelley Lang. I had not one, but two unexpected family medical emergencies arise in the last couple of weeks, and they’ve pulled my attention away from the office and the community. I’m grateful that I’ve got such a strong, supportive team, and the last two or three issues of the RN&R have been solid editions without much input or help from me. So, thanks, crew.

The good news is that those family medical issues have compelled me to be at home more the last few weeks, and I’ve been enjoying the time, curling up next to the fireplace with my gal, Margot, and our one-year-old son, Clyde, and watching lots of documentaries. Ironically, though—or maybe to counteract the effects of the season—we’ve been watching Ken Burns’ 1994 PBS documentary series Baseball. It’s a great way for me to get my baseball fix during winter—while simultaneously giving archaeologist Margot her fix for weird, old Americana.

And we’ve been drinking a classic Northern Nevada seasonal beverage: Frankovich Holiday Nog. I always hated egg nog as a kid, but I love this stuff. Probably because of the booze. Anyway, it’s one of those great local holiday traditions that you might not be familiar with if you just moved here three months ago. So get yourself educated.

And don’t forget to submit a story to our 95-word fiction contest! Check out the promo on page 30 for details.

Happy holidays, folks!