No workers wanted

Also last week, the governor issued his order formally creating an anti-waste commission, and the order contained one previously unannounced feature—a membership ban on anyone other than businesspeople: “The members … shall be recognized, established business leaders, either active or retired, with the expertise and experience required to carry out the mission.” (The chair of the commission, Bruce James, last served as a federal employee, but he may be covered by the “or retired” portion of the order.)

The “businesspeople only” provision may have been necessitated by this one: “Members shall receive no compensation and shall bear their own expenses.”

Meanwhile, the acting director of the Nevada Center for Public Ethics in Las Vegas expressed concern about Gov. Gibbons’ plan to turn to the private sector for operating money for the waste commission. “I believe ultimately and sadly many politicians have to answer to those who donate to them or their causes,” said Julie Tousa. “I would have to say that there is an ethical issue.”