No shades of grey

This is black work, performed by a wretched cast of old white men with black minds, black tongues, black hearts, black bowels, and black socks. It’s literally black in terms of its opacity, and I’m referring here to the major legislation being written and re-written in horribly offensive secrecy. No discussion allowed! No amendments allowed! No meddling allowed! No Democrats allowed! No reporters allowed! Do not dare to look upon our works with your naked eye, for you are deemed unworthy and will be instantly smote by our mighty and righteous smititude!

Interesting. Verrry interesting. With this outlandish and bizarro new approach to lawmaking, we can safely assume two things. (1) This bill could not suck harder. It’s a complete embarrassment, and McConnell knows it. He knows everyone in America who isn’t wearing a MAGA hat will find it to be as appealing as paint thinner parfait. Why else must it remain unseen? Why else must it remain in the dark, like some kind of vampiric mold creature that would burst into flame if even one photon of daylight fell upon it? (2) Dean Heller will vote for it. Mitch will need Dean, and Dean never ever disappoints Big Daddy Mitch. Oh, Dean’s talked a little about possibly voting against it, because, you know, he’s tremendously concerned about blah blah swamp gas swamp gas Vapo Rub, but us Nevadans know that’s complete bullshit. There is zero chance that Heller votes against this POS. Take it to the bank.

Something else about the AHSHB (American Horror Story Health Bill) that is impressive in its sheer fuckery is this underlying feverishness about getting it through the Senate and onto Dum Dum’s desk. There’s this putrid aura surrounding the AHSHB that says, “Hey, we know this thing is basically one huge dinosaur dump of a plan when it comes to actually, you know, helping people deal with their health care needs, but fuck it. We need to get something done! And we mean anything. Yes, we will now admit that we are completely desperate to get something done (did I already say that?!?!) and we don’t mind in the least if that something is wicked, malevolent, and disastrous.” It’s as if we Americans were hoping to get a thoughtful, nicely cooked and properly presented lasagna of a national health plan, and what Congress whipped up instead is a caper speared on the end of a toothpick. Eat up, America. Then shut up.

Mueller’s hired a bunch of sharps. People who know what the hell they’re doing. This is gonna be some fairly thick gumbo.