No Moore

Just to give you an idea of what a truly lame and shitty president Trump is—not that that’s exactly news—stop and consider this. He’s such a total prick that he’s made it possible for a freaking Democrat to maybe steal a senate seat in Alafuckingbama! That’s how large of a disaster Dum Dum is—Democrats actually have a shot at winning a Senate contest in what’s arguably the most racist, redneck state in America. Prediction—Doug Jones will lose by four to six points, because many wretched neanderthal Alabamans will eventually find the rationalization they’re so desperately seeking in order to guiltlessly vote for dirty old man Roy Moore, which will be that most of the girls Ole Roy was hitting on at the mall are simply lying about him and his creepy horny bullshit. As if facing the media to talk about sexual assault is some kind of really fun and pleasant thing for these women to do so as to become momentarily famous. Really, what could be more wonderful than to face the media and talk about being groped by a lusty perv? Good times!

And if Dum Dum can put a Dem in play in Alagoddambama, just think what’s gonna happen in 11 months in states that aren’t filled with KKKretins still fighting the fucking Civil War? In states where the semi-sane people outnumber the mouthbreathers? We’re looking for nothing less than a total trampling of villainous Republican shitheads in November 2018. We need to do to these Koch-sucking invertebrates exactly what they did to the Dems in 2010 after we dared to install something as dastardly unAmerican as national health insurance. Just remember that Our Base is a lot bigger than Dotard Don’s (Him—35-40 percent of America, Us 60-65 percent). As the courageous Karen Fonseca of Texas perfectly summarized on the now infamous sticker in her truck window—Fuck Trump and fuck you for voting for him. (Now there’s an olive branch for ya!)

Here’s yet another landmark moment in Presidential Racism, as Trump hosted a visit from some old World War II codetalkers, the Navajo veterans whose native language proved impenetrable to Japanese spies. Trump used the occasion to drop a pathetic Pocahontas slur, a stunning moment of complete cluelessness. He’s so mentally warped and bankrupt that this ridiculous Pocahontas jab was the only native reference his diseased brain could blurt out to these honorable Indians, and again we see that this asshole is not even fit to run a Sizzler. Good luck to America. We really need it.