No … kidding

If those madcaps on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are once again forced to solve the mystery of who pooped the bed, they may be no quicker to find the culprit, but at least they’ll know what to do with the evidence.

The New York Times earlier this month reported on a new kind of toilet. Essentially, it’s a urea-containing biodegradable plastic bag that can be used for a single poo use. It can then be buried, and the combination of chemicals and poo breaks down into fertilizer. While it’s probably not the kind of thing you’d like to plant in your own backyard, it does enable inhabitants of developing countries like Kenya to enrich the soil while decreasing the danger from diseases like typhoid fever, wound infection and diarrhea, which kill hundreds of thousands of people every year.

The bag was invented by Anders Wilhelmson of Stockholm, Sweden, and it’s called the Peepoo. It will sell for 2 or 3 cents per bag. More information can be found at