No honeymoon

Jim Gibbons has not yet been sworn into office as governor, and there are already “Impeach Gibbons” T-shirts available.

That’s not all. There are shirts with Gibbons’ plagiarized Elko speech imprinted on them, shirts with his quote denouncing critics of corporate influence as communists, and a shirt with Gibbons’ picture and the slogan, “Hey Sweetie! Can I buy you a drink?”

The sales copy on this last item reads, “Need something seductive to wear for that night on the Las Vegas Strip? You can’t go wrong with Jim Gibbons ‘Let’s Have A Drink’ apparel!”

The line of merchandise is available at Café Press, produced by the same firm that made a line of “Goddamned Harry Reid” and “Harry Reid for President” items. The company specializes in marketing merchandise about public figures, particularly those with polarizing public images.

The Gibbons merchandise is produced in cooperation with a local anti-Gibbons Web site that gets a cut of sales.